Vs. Yugioh

This will do some comparison against D.A. and Yugioh (Or Duel Monsters). Throughout this explanation terms will be used based on the Yugioh game and not D.A.

D.A. is very similar to Yugioh with the monsters attacking. Monsters can be in defense or offense mode and the same type of rules apply when an attack happens. However, each type and power effects others in different ways so just because a monster has more attack points going into the battle does not mean it will come out the winner. This is like what was done in the first season of the Yugioh TV season, but much more fleshed out and infused with the battle system.
Also there is no battle state so you could attack, summon and then attack again with the summoned monster.

Playing Field:
D.A. will have almost all of the same parts to the playing field as Yugioh does. This includes having a cards, hand, deck, monster zones, graveyard, and out of play. However, these parts are called different things, but I will not tell you what they are called right now. D.A. will not have spell/trap zones but will have cards that can work the same way as spells and traps. The playing field itself is also different. Yugioh uses a special field spell zone for changing the playing field to help or hurt different types of monsters. In D.A. you are given the field based on the area the battle started on, but there is a way to change fields mid-battle.

When I first came up with the idea for the RPG part of D.A. I was planning to include the more popular monsters/cards from from Yugioh such as the Egyptian God Cards, Dark Magician, and Blue Eyes White Dragon. I also was thinking to include "cards" from other media such as Mario, Samus, Harry Potter and InuYasha just to name a few.
However, I have desided to not include these other IPs in my game to avoid getting in trouble with the owners of the IPs. However, that doesn't mean that I can't clone different monsters/character by making the "card" have a little different effects and have different but similar names and look different as well. Also I have my own IP to work with, some you already know about (Balance of Power) while others have not yet been released in a game or comic. I will also have some generic and original "Monsters" in D.A. like the common monsters/cards in Yugioh.

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